Where do all the lost things go?

Lately, my passion has been finding out where all the lost things go. Lost things have a strong pull on our hearts. When something lost is returned to us, it’s like an unexpected package, wrapped up in paper and string. Postage paid with a hope and a prayer. Mostly though, possessions come into your life and the next thing you know, they’re gone.  Without warning, without leaving a trail of bread crumbs, those belongings up and light a shuck for parts unknown. Sometimes you think maybe it was only in your head, maybe the things never existed in the first place. No one in your home seems to have any memory of the item you’re searching high and low for. For sure, no one else is going to find it for you. And it’s one thing when The Lost is a sock or a sweater, but it’s excruciating when it’s a person.  How do you recover lost connections? Often, when you pick them up in your hands, after stumbling across an old letter or seeing a picture online, you expect the cozy warmth of shared memories, fun times, but, unfortunately, they spark and burn in your hands. Some things, apparently, you never get back.

Some things you lose are worth crying over, like your innocence or your sparkle or your heart. If only your heart could be dropped in the ubiquitous “Lost & Found” box that sits in your child’s school hallway. That unassuming box, stuffed to overflowing with mismatched mittens, pom-pom topped toques and gnarly sweaters is a pulsing beacon, beckoning the lost. Lost clothing lays there forlorn until rapturously reclaimed and borne home to be petted and loved. Too bad our heart, soul and lost loves couldn’t be returned to us with such wonderful simplicity.


4 thoughts on “Where do all the lost things go?

  1. Oh my gosh, Shiney – you really blew me away this time! This is an amazing post. You are so great at opening your heart and pouring it out on the screen in a recognizable way. XO

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